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Still Remains Jewelry LLC can not be held liable for any sentimental materials being lost in the United States Postal Service. When you purchase from Still Remains Jewelry LLC you are consenting to the risks involved with mailing ashes, breastmilk, flowers and other sentimental materials in the mail. We do our best to use safe and secure packaging but on rare occasions things can be lost or damaged in transit. 

If you order breastmilk or ashes jewelry we will send a container to collect your materials. If you order jewelry for flowers, hair, sand, fabric, pregnancy test caps or other you will ship your items directly to us. We can not send containers for international orders. If you order internationally you will need to ship us your materials directly.  


I do not accept returns or refunds. Still Remains Jewelry LLC is not liable if your materials are lost in transit. I will make simple fixes for free. IF the ring is the wrong size I will redo the entire ring for 60% off the original price. 

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