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Remember that these pieces of jewelry are more fragile than a typical piece. You will want to avoid water exposure, contact with chemicals or strong fragrances. You will want to take it off while sleeping, cleaning, showering or washing your hands. Avoid wearing it any time it could be dented or scratched, or exposed to large periods of direct sunlight. The metal is fragile and can be dented, bent or deformed with improper care. 

I know that these pieces hold very important sentimental materials. While it's great to have a way to keep your loved ones and memories close to you, there is always a risk of it being lost or damaged. 

That being said if something happens to your jewelry I will replace or repare it. The cost will depend on the damage and amount of work. 

After placing your order you have from the time that you placed 

Privacy & Safety


Your loved one will always be safe and cared for while they are with me.


  • Credit / Debit Cards


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