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Ordering Breastmilk Jewelry

Updated: Apr 15

Sending your milk.

When you place an order for milk jewelry, you will be sent a milk collection kit including a small container, a dropper, instructions and (if you add it to your order) a ring sizer tool. There will be a return address label sticker inside. The container will also have your name and order number on it, so that we will know that it's yours. You will fill the container with your milk, and then send it in the box back to us. If you have any flowers or hair you have included in your order, send those in a ziplock bag with the milk. Also if you would like, send a little note telling me about your breastmilk journey. I have breastfed two kids and I know every journey is so different and special.

When we receive your milk it will be preserved into a powder and labeled all along the way. After it's dried for at least 2 days it will be time for me to create the jewelry you've ordered. I only work on one item at a time as to not get anything mixed up. Once it's all done I will ship it back to you. My current turnaround time is 4-6 months after I receive the milk.

If you have any other questions or special requests, please contact me at

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