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Ordering Ash Jewelry

Updated: Apr 15

Having a piece of jewelry containing your loved ones ashes can help you feel they are still with you in some way. I take this responsibility very seriously, and I will treat the ashes with the utmost care and respect. Once you place your order, I will send you a small container with a sticker with your name and order number on it. It will have a little ziplock bag inside for you to filled about halfway with the ashes. It holds about a tsp amount of ashes. If you'd like, send me a letter telling me about your pet or your loved one you are honoring.

There will be a return address label sticker inside the box for you to ship it back to me easily and free of cost. Once it gets to me, I will send you an email that I received them, and I will keep the container with the ashes stored in a safe place in my studio. When creating the jewelry with my technique, I select the pieces I use out of the container, and only use the pieces I need. There is no mixing with resin or throwing away unused ashes. All of the ashes that are left are sent back to you with your finished order. My current turnaround time is 4-6 months from when I receive the ashes.

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