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Ordering Flower Jewelry

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

The Process.

When you order a piece of flower jewelry, you will put one or two flower petals you'd like to preserve in a ziplock bag (only when they are fully dry.). Please write your name and order number on the bag. Put the ziplock bag in an envelope and address it to the address sent to you in your email. I will try to use all flowers included. If you would like to, send a little note explaining why the flowers are significant to you as well. I send an email when I receive your flowers in the mail.

There are design and customizing questions at checkout. You can customize the background color and where the flowers are placed, also wether you want foil flakes.

If you don't have a design preference you can write "no design preference" in the notes section. My current turn around time is around 8-12 weeks. When it's completely done you will get an email notification when it is shipped back to you. I also keep some of the flowers in case you'd like another piece or your stone needs to be replaced.

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